Star Trek: The Christian Generation

Coming this Christmas to a movie theater near you: Star Trek: The Christian Generation, an Arm Chair Pontificator Production.

Directed by Martin Scorsesemartin-scorsese-1-sized


Pope Francis as Captain Huggie Cuddles: A very human captain trying to keep a crew with various cultural and ethical differences from killing each other before their mission is complete. popefrancis1


Sam Harris as First Officer, Commander Tu’Smart: A Vulcan who has a great respect for science but very little respect for illogical thinking and the religious right.Sam_Harris_01


Mr. T as Security Chief, Piti’da’Ful: A Klingon with a bad temper and long time boyfriend to Ship’s Counselor, Lt. Annie Tight. mr t


Miley Cyrus as Ship’s Counselor, Lt. Annie Tight: A sexy transgendered Human babe and long time lover of Security Chief, Piti’da’Ful1368111007_miley-cyrus-lg


Ken Ham as Science Officer, Duddly Dullman: A Human whose wits are not always about him and whose conclusions are rarely backed by logic, reason or science.ham-ken.aurora_standalone.prod_affiliate.79


Ship’s Mission: To check on the status of gay marriage and the ease of access to loaded hand guns throughout the galaxy while forcing the word of Jesus onto all those encountered.

Main Antagonists: Liberals from the Liberal quadrant of the galaxy: A group of free thinking radicals who oppose the forcing of any ideology or clothing onto anyone not wanting them.

Liberals In The Clothing Optional Liberal Quadrant

Liberals In The Clothing Optional Liberal Quadrant

Tickets available now. Get yours early before they’re sold out. Hope to see you at the theater this Christmas.

23 thoughts on “Star Trek: The Christian Generation

  1. Good stuff as ever. You should send me some copy from time to time so I can showcase your work in the mag. I guarantee it will reach an audience even less appreciative than this one. 🙂


  2. This was great reading! I’ve missed reading your blog so much (sniff!)
    Is there no space on the ship for Michelle Bachman or her husband?


  3. Oh, this movie would be really first preference of Alice, Bob and Carol.


  4. This is a movie am waiting for


  5. Wait. Where is Justin Bieber in the line-up? He should be somewhere being hunted down for his terrible, terrible music.


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