Love The Theist, Hate The Theism

lovesinhate sinner

Just because the temptation to profess a particular religious faith exists, doesn’t mean it should be acted upon. However, due to the frailty of human nature and a fear of death, it is very tempting to succumb to beliefs in the fantastical and the promise of an eternity in heaven with a divine grouchy guy. Some unfortunate souls are also born into theistic households, and, thus, have one type of superstitious belief or another indoctrinated into their developing minds from the moment they are born. This is why I strongly believe in the following adage: Love the theist, but hate the theism. It is not the fault of an infant that he or she is born into a family that bases its view of the world on invisible guys and on ignorant human nonsense written in ancient texts. No. They are victims of their parents; who, despite all evidence of the harm it brings, and has brought, to humanity, still teach their children that one religious dogma or another is absolutely true.

We must also remember not to hate those who’ve chosen a theistic “lifestyle” on their own. They did it out of human weakness and the false hope that an invisible guy will prevent them from blinking completely out of existence one day. We must love them, but hate the theism that has seduced them. We, as a secular nation of individuals who are concerned with the betterment of all humankind, must love the theists but hate their theism. We must let them know they are good, decent individuals in spite of their deluded beliefs. We must help them learn to fight their unwarranted concern for the “next” life by helping them see what matters most is THIS life, here and now. And it is THIS existence we must learn to cherish above all else because it is the only one we really have. Finally, it is my hope that if theists learn it is in no way them, as individuals, we non-theists dislike, but merely their theistic “behavior,” they will be more willing to try life without their belief in invisible guys and ancient texts. The greatest hope for our future lies in the abandonment of such things.

17 thoughts on “Love The Theist, Hate The Theism

  1. Me likey. Nothing like turning the tables with their own catch phrases.

    It made so much sense reading it, it didn’t even feel like a classic turnaround. But it obviously is. Great work.


  2. The grooming of the young! As one who attended a Church of England infants and primary school I could wax lyrical about that crime for an age – don’t have to now as you have have just tackled the issue with panache.


  3. I agree with this. And as John has said this is truly great


  4. Take this, and run with it! Reversals are the best form of argumentation, and this one is great! Truly great 🙂


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