Hate Inc, The Hate Group That Hates Hate Groups

Hate Inc: Where Hate Is So Hot The "H" Burns

Hate Inc: Our Hate Is So Hot The “H” Burns

Hello. My name is Henry Hatenweiner. I’m the founder and spokesman of a new hate group called “Hate Inc.” I created the group for the sole purpose of hating and persecuting individuals and groups that hate others in a sanctimonious and self-righteous manner simply because they are different. One of the group’s main targets recently has been the American Family Association headed by Bryan Fischer. The AFA is a group of Christians who use the name of their god, Jesus, to justify their deep hatred of the LGBT community and anyone else who doesn’t fit under their banner of “a good Christian.” We at Hate Inc hate the AFA very deeply. They sicken us. And because they sicken us, we have made it our goal in life to persecute them by burning large letter “H’s” on their front lawns and by sponsoring various hate rallies in front of their churches where hateful obscenities are shouted at them as they enter and leave Sunday services. We want them to know what it feels like to be hated just for being who they are in a very public way. We are also lobbying hard in Washington to have Congress deny members of the AFA the right to marry each other. Why? Because we hate them and do not feel they deserve the same rights as people we don’t hate.

Bryan Fischer & The AFA: We Hate Them

Bryan Fischer & The AFA: Hate Inc Hates Them

If our campaign of hate against the AFA goes well, and why wouldn’t it, we will launch campaigns of intense hate against the KKK and pedophile rapist Catholic priests as well. Why? Because we hate them, and feel they deserve every ounce of negativity we can muster up to throw at them. So, if any of this sounds interesting to you and you’d like to put your hatred of hate groups to good use, you can contact us on our website: hatethehaters.org. We look forward to hating with you.

20 thoughts on “Hate Inc, The Hate Group That Hates Hate Groups

  1. Me too. ummm How do I become a member? I’ve been tracking the AFA for years now to know what it is that should turn my stomach and fill me with hate. They’re a brand leader is advertising hate campaigns!


    • They really are disgusting human beings. Bryan Fischer is very Hitler like. He proposes stealing kids from gay couples and bringing them to “safe” christian families via an underground railway system like the one used in pre Civil war America. I’ve no feeling for the AFA but hate. They personify for me everything I find despicable about religion, christianity in particular.


    • I really have subscribed to their news feed so I can see what hate they are puking up on any given week…. gah. A lot of people claim to be christian but way too few of them act christ-like.


    • Gandhi is reported to have once said, “I see very little of Jesus in your christians.” I couldn’t agree more.


  2. I’m signing up! Sorry I’ve missed so many of your posts recently…children apparently demand more attention during the summer holidays…I have a lot of your posts to catch up on!


  3. The missus tells me I missed this port – how? Thank you WordPress. Regardless, you are plainly back in the ‘religious’ game and no one does it better ‘And why wouldn’t they’ – to quote you.


  4. Oddly enough this is how I have come to view all religions. Every sect is its own little hate group. It is what holds them together. They hate the gays, the liberals, the democrats, facts that contradict their beliefs, and when all of that isn’t enough, they hate each other. The Baptists hate the Pentacostals, The Pentacostals hate the Seventh Day Adventists etc. etc. The Sunnis hate the Shiites, the Jews hate the Palestines. It goes on and on, spanning centuries and the cause of much blood spilled on every continent.

    Hate groups all of them. United only in the things they hate, and to what degree.

    So congratulations! You apparently have started your own religion! You have the right foundation. Now all you need is a magic book and some followers. Oh, almost forgot, it is a great business plan too. Tax breaks galore, and you never really have to work for a living ever again…people will just GIVE you money!


    • Feel free to join! All you have to do is hate those who hate. I’m workin’ on our tax exempt status and a Book of Things To Hate: Absolutely. I got a deal on wooden H’s to burn and several gallons of gasoline from a local lumber yard, too. Yours in loving hate, TACP.


    • Well hell man! Why didn’t you say so?

      What particular hate should I start hating today? Sign me up!


    • Start by hating those who use holy books to justify their hate rather than just bloody saying it is they, themselves, that hate. You know, groups like christians, muslims, mormons, etc. We at Hate Inc put our hate right out in front. We’re founded on, for, and by hate. We hate those who hate cause we hate ’em. No divine being is needed. Our hate is all we need to justify our hate. Love always, in total hate, TACP


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