In Foxholes


There are cries and prayers in foxholes

To gods

That do not listen


They are not there


In the center of all

Men about to


There burns an ember of



Fear in the

Knowledge that this


Is all

And once it passes

There is no more


In foxholes,

Where men cry out to

Gods that do not listen


They are not there,

The sound of death

Is feared



Once it is


All men in foxholes know,


There are no more

Sounds left

To be heard


All men in foxholes

Know and fear

This truth:

The end

Is really,

The end

8 thoughts on “In Foxholes

  1. A great poem my good man.
    The sound of death is the final cry and after all is silent.


  2. A worthy poem of truth and mortality.


  3. When Army Spec. Jeremy Hall was nearly killed in an attack on his Humvee, he was asked, “Do you believe in Jesus now?” He replied, “No, but I believe in ballistic armor.”


    • Great stuff. Though I hear it is quite expensive, too expensive, in fact, to allow every soldier to wear it and/or every vehicle to be equipped with it. Thus, a soldier’s life is reduced to a cost/benefit ratio. Ah, war! How I love thee!!! Thing is, if there were theists in foxholes, convinced a blissful life awaited them in the next world, foxholes would be pretty happy places to be in. All the blood and brain matter spewed around them would be but decorations covering the prettiest xmas tree ever. For in that hole of smelly death, the theists would KNOW they were about to be thrust into the arms of their loving lord for a joy-filled life in heaven. Though I’ve never experienced fighting in a war, I seriously doubt foxholes are anything at all like this. Thus, there are no theists in foxholes. There are only terrified soldiers begging not to die and praying to a god they know isn’t listening to them because if he were, and if he really did exist, they know he never would have put them in the foxhole to begin with.


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