Somewhere in the darkness is a demon growling deep

Growling fiercely, growling coarsely

In the darkness, while you sleep


Somewhere in a chamber sleeps a maiden free of fright

Sleeping gently, sleeping sweetly

In the darkness of the night


Somewhere in the darkness a demon comes upright

It slithers to the chamber

Where the maiden sleeps this night


“Awake my darling maiden,” says the demon with a smile

“I want to hear you screaming

As your chasteness I beguile”


The maiden quivers coldly as she wakens from her sleep

She gazes at the demon with its eyes so dark and deep;

Then shouts out to her savior

“Oh, Lord, my soul please keep”


Somewhere in the darkness is a beacon shining light

Shining brightly, shining whitely

In the darkness of the night


Somewhere from the beacon comes a knight bedight in white

He rides upon a stallion with sinews steely tight

He leaps into the chamber with the maiden filled with fright

And cries out to the demon

“It’s now me you’ll have to fight”


The demon howls with laughter then utters out a cry

“Come at me if you have to, for I can never die”

Then the beacon rises swiftly, rises swiftly in the night

It shines onto the demon with its purifying light


The demon slithers quickly, slithers quickly from the light

It slithers out a window and back into the night

Then gazes sternly upward, sternly upward toward the knight


“This maiden whom you’ve rescued, rescued here tonight

Will be mine tomorrow, tomorrow come the night

I’ll come before your beacon, your beacon and its light

Ever rises from its slumber, its slumber from the night


Light is but illusion; it merely hides the night

The night, it is forever, and will long outlive all light

So farewell, my darling maiden, and your knight bedight in white

My patience, it’s forever, forever longer than the light”

17 thoughts on “Somewhere

  1. Well, damn, I’m all in favour of plate tectonics, especially with ketchup. Thought-provoking poem (I’m also all in favour of thought promotion especially when life hangs by a thread – and it always does) about light and dark. Follows some “thunkin'” I’d been doing about that. Universal, maybe even cosmic, default condition is darkness. Light is completely dependent upon temporal sources. Every source of light is permanently running out of fuel and dying. Fortunately, again if you think about it, “light” is only necessary for us while in physical form. Once we regain our proper place in the scheme of things (and things are always schemingm believe me, I know, I used to drive Volkswagen beetles when enduring high school) then darkness is our home. Elucidating but also entertaining read.


  2. That was fantastic good sir, really enjoyed it. Creepy and cool, thanks for linking me to it. 🙂


  3. I didn’t have time to check this out until today but it was well worth the wait. LOVED it!


  4. Wow, a poem that rhymes!
    Okay, that was sort of a joke, but this work was very evocative. The imagery is very strong and your strike chords on multiple levels (for me personally, it touched upon subjects like fear, security, purpose and satanic rape;))


  5. Light is but illusion; it merely hides the night

    The night, it is forever, and will long outlive all light

    This looks to me to be the nature of our existence. we come to light for a short span and back to enduring darkness.


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