Who Put The Hump In Humpty Dumpty?

Here’s a list of crazy shit I think about because, well, I’m crazy.

1.) How do the people of Humpty Dumpty’s species mate without breaking?

How Did Mommy & Daddy Make Me Without Breaking?

How Did Mommy & Daddy Make Me Without Breaking?

2.) How can theists claim, with absolute certainty, that a god or gods exist when I, being an atheist, can not claim, with absolute certainty, they do not? BTW, I also can not claim, with absolute certainty, that Superman doesn’t really exist, though I highly doubt it.

Go Ahead, Prove I'm NOT Real!

Go Ahead, Prove I’m NOT Real!

3.) If theists are so confident in a beautiful afterlife, why fear death and fight to stay alive? Hell, if I knew I had paradise waiting for me, with absolute certainty, I’d be eager to die, and happy to get cancer. Perhaps, just perhaps, deep down, we all instinctively know this is it, and we are all afraid to die because we know this. Perhaps. To be4.) Did Elmer Fudd’s parents speak like him, or did he develop his particular speech impediment as he grew up? Does his desire to kill rabbits cause it, perhaps, or did he inherit it genetically from his parents? A nature vs nurture question in its purest form.

Why Do I Have Dis Weally Funny Voice?

Why Do I Have Dis Weally Funny Voice?

5.) If Bugs Bunny had a fist fight with Woody Woodpecker, who’d win? My bets are on Woody. He’d peck Bugs’ eyes out.

Woody v Bugs

Woody v Bugs

6.) In a hundred years, will our descendents be happy with the Conservative stance that global warming isn’t happening, and it’s a waste of energy to care about it? Just wondering. Climate_change_denial

That’s all for now. Have a pleasant day, and remember, it’s always darkest just before the lights come on. Hallelujah!



21 thoughts on “Who Put The Hump In Humpty Dumpty?

  1. This just blew my mind! I will forever wonder how Humpty Dumpty humps.


  2. Wow! It is interesting how you have treated those questions we have been discussing. You give them such a nice touch!
    And that quote

    To die, to sleep-
    No more and by a sleep to say we end

    is superb!


    • If you’re not familiar with Hamlet, and the “To be or not to be speech,” in particular, read the whole thing. It’s brilliant. And deals directly with why we do not just kill ourselves to enter a beautiful after life. Shakespeare was a fucking genius.


    • That will be my next reading


    • Once you’ve read it, watch one of the very good film versions that are out there. Kenneth Branagh’s version is my favorite. He filmed the whole script. Hamlet is my favorite piece of literature in the whole universe.


  3. At least Humpty would have died a happy man – as for Ms Humpty I guess a yoke’s a yoke (plainly the old jokes are the best).


    1. Generatio spontanae

    2. They are afraid they bet on the wrong god and will go to hell.


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