Famous Historical Mother Fuckers

Here are a few pics of some historical mother fuckers who really bother the shit outta me. I thought I’d share them with my readers, being the nice fella I am.

1.) Ever wonder why child abuse is so rampant in our society? The fella pictured below, and his made up deity, are two of the main reasons.

Abraham, Father Of Modern Day Child Abuse & True Mother Fucker

Abraham, Father Of Modern Day Child Abuse & True Mother Fucker

2.) This next fella, I really hated when he was alive. And ya know what? Now that he’s been dead for a few years, I STILL hate him.

Ronald Reagan, Mother Fucker

Ronald Reagan, Conservative Republican & Mother Fucker

3.) Next up is a guy you can’t help but despise. I know I do. He was the Nazis head of media propaganda and a class “A” mother fucking waste of DNA.

Joseph Goebbels, Mother Fucker Extraordinaire

Joseph Goebbels, Mother Fucker Extraordinaire

4.) And to complete today’s list of truly rotten, stinkin’ mother fuckers, I offer you the 5 MEN who recently made Hobby Lobby and Christianity more important than women’s sexual health here in the good ole U.S. of A. I hate these pricks most of all. They should know better this. Really, they should.

The Supreme Court Mother Fuckers Who Recently Bonded Religion To The State Permanently

The Supreme Court Mother Fuckers Who Made Christian Morality More Important Than Women’s Sexual Health

12 thoughts on “Famous Historical Mother Fuckers

  1. Great stuff but a bit wishy-washy and understated. You need to get off the damn fence and say what’s really bothering you. Why I outta!


  2. Am loving the list already.
    The first pic puts child abuse in perspective


  3. I guess the list could be endless. Not a bad start though – this template could have legs for a few more posts I reckon!


  4. Yes, your 5 Roman Catholics sitting on the court are Grade A Assholes.


    • Fascist mother fuckers. I can’t wait til a Christian Scientist business owner denies coverage for anti-biotics to his employees because it’s so against his fucking religion. God damn, my country is a backward den of neanderthalish idiots. Wait. That’s an insult to neanderthals. I’d apologize if any where still here.


    • Read a good thing yesterday which lays out how bad this decision actually was for businesses. It, from what i understand, lifts the “veil” which has always protected owners from liability.


    • Lawsuits!!! Hurray! If it costs businesses to NOT cover something, then they will cover it. $ speaks in this, the Land Of The Almighty Capitolly Gained Dollar.


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