Islamic Law Now Official Law Of U.S.

The New U.S. Constitution

The New U.S. Constitution

In order to keep up with the demand that god and faith become more incorporated, legally speaking, into the daily lives of Americans, Congress today voted that Islamic Law now become the ONLY law in America. “Yeah,” said Congressman and Sheikh, Joe Doohicky of Virginia, “we in Congress just got tired of all this bitchin’ and moanin’ over what exactly is and what exactly isn’t separation of church and state. So, we decided to toss out the state part all together and make America Islamic by law. Things are just bloody simpler this way. Why Islam, you ask? The answer is easy: because there is no god but Allah, and Mohammad is his prophet. Let me repeat that for you, just so there’s no confusion, OK? There is no god but Allah, and Mohammad is his prophet. This means, that as of tomorrow, July fourth, no religion but Islam can be practiced or even mentioned by any American citizen ever again. Anyone doing so will be immediately stoned to death. As well, every American female will now keep her face completely covered when in public. We don’t want women, the temptresses of Satan, encouraging decent men to rape them with their demonic faces and seductive eyes. Women not following this law will be put to death by stoning. Immediately.

Follow The Law Or Else

Follow The Law, Or Else

Remember this, and all will be well: there is no god but Allah, and Mohammad is his prophet. We followers of Allah, who make up the Congress of the United States, have killed every member of the Supreme Court and the President. As well, we’ve taken total control of the military and will nuke any state that does not comply with this new law. We, your Islamic Congress, are now everything to you, America, like it or not. We wish you, and your loved ones, a very blessed, Islamic, Fourth of July. It is the day America will remember as the day it truly became one nation under one god, Allah. The right religion has finally been made into the law of the land. There is no god but Allah, and Mohammad is his prophet.”

65 thoughts on “Islamic Law Now Official Law Of U.S.

  1. Oh chit — I meant WY not WU which was support to be YW..

    I also meant to write wrote not wrpte.

    I give up.


  2. LOL — I wrote WU but meant to write YW. as in –> you’re welcome.

    You just found out that I am dyslexic. 😛


  3. I want to say ‘Amen’ to this post, but I fear that sounds too Christian:S


  4. Where those members of congress threatened or bribed by Sharia4USA?


  5. Jeff, you rock. Thank you! Monday, June 30, 2014 was a day/date which will live in infamy. There is nothing to celebrate tomorrow. NOTHING!


  6. Here’s my comment to someone on the ruling:This ruling frightens me. The fact that it doesn’t frighten you is even more frightening.


    • Good comment. I often think until something like my post here actually happens, people won’t get just how fucking bad this is. Fuck!


    • I see people debating the technicalities of it and missing the spirit of it. I’m like, you people obviously don’t understand precedent. You’re too stupid to know what is happening to you.


    • Right. The precedent here is the religious beliefs of your boss or bosses dictate what your rights are working for him, her, or them, REGARDLESS of what those beliefs are. Un-fucking believable that so many can’t see this. Americans just can’t think.


  7. I hope some Muslim nutter petitions the court, citing this precedent…. Oh how I hope it happens!


  8. Reblogged this on The Daily Pause and commented:

    “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammad is his prophet.”

    Well, y’all don’t want to piss-off Muslims, either, eh? America must separate religion and state, period – or else. Amen!


  9. While I thought that the religion of America has become and the supreme court are its agents.


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