Meet Joe Eisenberg, Cage Cleaner On Noah’s Ark

Joe Eisenberg, Cleaning Rhino Crap On Noah's Ark

Joe Eisenberg: Animal Poop Cleaner On Noah’s Ark

Joe Eisenberg, the zoo keeper responsible for cleaning animal cages on
Noah’s Ark, ended several thousand years of silence today when he
appeared on The Tonight Show, and announced, “I’m the
guy ‘The Bible’ writers conveniently forgot to mention when writing the
Ark story. They left me out cause I did the all dirty work that no one
likes to think about. Literally, ALL the dirty work! I mean 40 days
and 40 nights of rain, PLUS months of drifting around looking for dry
land, and NO ONE thinks to mention the guy who scoops the poop out of
all those animal cages? Just imagine the stench if I hadn’t been around to
keep things tidy. And Noah was not the most considerate ship’s captain
around either. One night he gets piss drunk on some kind of grain
alcohol he’d made and feeds the elephants chocolate, just for laughs.
CHOCOLATE for God’s sake! The mess was UNBELIEVABLE!!!! And who
cleaned it up? Noah? Nope. Me. I’ve stayed silent for several thousand years now, but it’s time I had my 15 minutes of fame for all the shit
I had to deal with back then. Literally. So like it or not folks, here I am, Joe
Eisenberg, the animal poop cleaner for Noah’s Ark.”


17 thoughts on “Meet Joe Eisenberg, Cage Cleaner On Noah’s Ark

  1. They always forget the little guy – I’m guessing generations on his became the first socialists.


  2. Many people forget to mention their slaves/servants. This is today even worse, since in these times our slaves lives thousands of kilometers away from us.


  3. I’ve often imagined that this guy would be knee deep!


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