Shocking Study Reveals Tea Party Members Have No Genitalia

Tea Party Members Have No Genitalia

Tea Party Members Lack Genitalia

In shocking news today, The University of Chicago’s School of Really Neat But Useless Shit released findings on a 3 year study to determine if and how the genitals of Tea Party members differed from those of normal, less wealthy, not-as-white, human beings. “UNFUCKIN’ BELIEVABLE!!” said Useless Shit Professor, Veronica Easypie, this morning. “I’ve been involved with this study from the very beginning, and I was expecting some really fucked up results to come from it, but this? I mean, these tight-ass, rich, mostly white, douche bags have NO EXTERNAL REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS! No wonder they’re so hung up on who’s sleeping with who and who’s outy belongs with who’s inny. They can’t FUCK!! Can you imagine the pent-up hostility they must have toward normal people?! I myself do not believe in a divine being or a god, but if one does exists, it sure as hell fucked these bastards over big time. I still hate the self-righteous shit-bags, but at least now I get why they are such dicks to the rest of us. Wow.”

15 thoughts on “Shocking Study Reveals Tea Party Members Have No Genitalia

  1. Oh, that is why they are pissed off. They can’t get laid, it’s all sexual frustration.


  2. Sir as ever an insight into American politics.- yet today I am wondering if you have heard that a Nigerian man has been put in a mental institution for announcing that he does not believe in God! When I heard this story on the BBC World Service (usual insomnia had kicked in) I immediately thought of you and what your take on it might be.


  3. They can’t FUCK!!

    Indeed your indisputable evidence derived from the one absolute truth would indicate this group is incapable of intercourse, coitus, penetration.

    They are quite clever, though, and are very creative in their alternative pleasures.

    There’s Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD). I wonder what role this pays in home schooling.

    Please keep in mind that the intent of this activity is “…improving marital relationships by sharing the guidelines and marital roles listed in God’s Word.”


  4. I concur with Fred. They are a malignant cancer to the body of humanity


  5. Nothing surprises me anymore about them.


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