Greetings From The American Psychiatric Association

Hello everyone. My name is Dr. Henry Hymen. I’m a psychiatrist and a spokesman for the American Psychiatric Association.

Dr. Henry Hymen

Dr. Henry Hymen

I’m here to inform you that most human emotional suffering is not due to trauma, abuse, rape, war, or concentration camp festivities. No my friends, almost all human emotional suffering is actually a disease, a sickness which can only be cured by first labeling it and then drugging the bejesus out of it with dangerous drugs that are just LOADED with nasty, unpleasant side effects. We here at the APA are so certain of this undeniable, yet ironically completely unproven fact, that every ten years or so we actually create dozens of more disease labels for human emotional pain. These new emotional diseases, conveniently, can be medicated with the same FDA approved drugs we’ve been using to unsuccessfully treat old emotional diseases with for decades now. Hell, why bother spending billions to research and develop new drugs to use as side-effect laden band aids for emotional diseases when we’ve got a medicine chest full of approved and dangerous old ones! So remember, if you’re an abuse survivor, concentration camp survivor, or just a plain ‘ole rape survivor, the emotional pain you’re feeling from it ain’t normal. You’re feeling it cause you are diseased and genetically fucked up. Normal folk are just fine within ten to fifteen minutes after a horrible traumatic occurrence, no matter how long or how often said occurrence took place. You are a diseased individual if you suffer prolonged emotional pain after horrible events, and only a strict regiment of side effect laden drugs can help you, not extensive talk therapy and most definitely NOT love, understanding and compassion.

Emotional Pain: A Disease Only Drugs Can Cure

Emotional Pain: A Disease Only Drugs Can Cure

You need drugs baby. High priced, horse shit filled drugs. Remember this the next time a loved one passes and you feel pain over it for more than 2.3 weeks. You’re sick, diseased and genetically predisposed to that abnormal pain, you freak, and you need drugs to fix you. Any normal, non-diseased human being could tell you that. I do so hope I brought a little ray of sunshine into your lives today with this little discussion. Bye now.


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  1. Thanks, this made me feel better. In fact, this induced more laughter than Prozac! Okay, so that’s a bit of an odd comparison, but I’m totally with you on this one. While I don’t have anything against people taking drugs I do believe a lot of people are taking them unnecessarily. I don’t know what it’s like in the U.S., but on the other side of the pond it’s fairly normal for a lot of people to be gobbling up anxiolytics like they’re vitamin pills. Very sad, actually…

    • I’m with you on this. I’ve no problem with drugs being used to alleviate emotional suffering. Hell, they work for that! It’s why people drink and take other fun substances. The problem I have with biological psychiatry, not therapy, is that is classifies human suffering and emotional pain as a disease. It labels it as an abnormality which MUST be treated with drugs because it is a sickness. Bullshit. Human emotional pain is not diabetes, a true chemical imbalance in the body. It is a complex, socially, individually and culturally diverse experience which requires true human compassion and caring to rectify and ease. That takes time, money, and a realization that our society isn’t the perfect utopia some delude themselves into thinking it is. Drugging people is a faster, less expensive and less time consuming solution, even if it doesn’t help anyone.

    • As someone who used to be a psychologist, one of the things that turned me off was the DSM, a book which classifies pretty much every mental disorder by their symptoms. While it’s certainly helpful to recognize patterns in people’s behavior, the one thing the DSM (or rather the people that use it) forget(s) is that it concerns people. In some cases there is a direct causal relation between the brain and one’s ‘condition’ and I have seen and known people that were really aided by the use of ‘modern’ anti-depressants for instance. The problem tends to be that psychiatry in itself often fails to take into account other factors (as much as psychologists often fail to acknowledge biology I should add). I think the comparison between diabetes and depression can have merit in some circumstances, but our understanding of the human brain simply falls short of being capable to help people using only that route (save for the occasional exception maybe)…

      As for the term ‘abnormal’, it’s a tad judgemental, isn’t it? I invite you to shift through the DSM (which is probably copy-pasted onto Wikipedia in its entirety by now) and think of anyone you can consider ‘normal’ after reading it.

      I stopped being a psychologist after my internship (so technically, I was never REALLY a psychologist), in part because I got turned off by the way patients were being treated. People were put through standardized programmes and courses to help them overcome their ‘disorder’. The entire process was treated as a product and the institute I worked for guised itself as a company that needed to make a profit (well, they didn’t make a profit, but the mindset was comparable to that of a commercial enterprise)…didn’t sit well with me.

    • I’m extremely familiar with the DSM. My life was almost ruined due to it. I’ve been a mental health advocate for ten years or so now. It is above and beyond anything else what I most see myself as. There is a need for people to get help who need it, as well as a need for it to be covered by insurance but not because they are diseased. There is a placebo effect, which is a very real effect, btw, that some people receive from taking certain pills. There is however NO evidence that depression is caused by imbalances in serotonin, a hormone which can very much be measured in the blood stream though psychiatrists often lie and say it can not be. I do not oppose pills. Fuck, I LOVE some of them. The Psychiatric field used to consider homosexuality an illness that needed treatment then changed its stance due to tremendous pressure to do so. Heart disease and diabetes do not suddenly stop being diseases because of pressure from activist groups demanding it. The terrible error Joe public makes when looking at the DSM is that they believe they are reading disease diagnoses when in fact, as you say, they are simply reading descriptions of human behavior. We are all biological beings within environments. We can not survive outside of one. The more nurturing said environment is, the more likely a baby born into it will grow to his or her fullest potential. I may have a biological edge to be a great football player, but if my leg is torn off in a car accident I’m not making it to the NFL. People who are severely abused as children, as I was, soldiers in wars, victims of rape, incest, and any other atrocity one can dream up are not depressed and in emotional pain due to fucked up genes. Their genes are human and those genes make us all very, very dependent on other people to do right by us. Far too often they do not. Psychiatry is a psuedo-science that can not back up its claims and has no reason to because not enough pressure is put on them to prove their bullshit. Check out a book called, “The Emperor’s New Drugs” by Irving Kirsch, Ph.D for info on placebo effect and the absolute non-existence of ANY evidence supporting the “serotonin imbalance” cause for depression. It is sickening to me that that lie still exists as a medical fact when it clearly, clearly is not. And I do not condemn psychology as a needed practice and a valid endeavor. My condemnation is against Psychiatrists, doctors, who should know science enough to tell the fucking truth about the bullshit lies they’ve dumped on people to sell drugs. They (the doctors) almost killed me and I do not forget nor do I forgive it.

    • “The Psychiatric field used to consider homosexuality an illness that needed treatment then changed its stance due to tremendous pressure to do so. Heart disease and diabetes do not suddenly stop being diseases because of pressure from activist groups demanding it.”

      That sums up everything wrong with the DSM. You may want to use your last comment in a post someday, because it’s brilliant.

      Sorry to hear your experiences with psychiatry were so disastrous. Though I fear your case is probably more typical than atypical, as a psychiatrist might say it. I personally don’t really know about the science of psychiatry, though I was engaged in a psychological research project that aimed to gain more insight in the relationship between social anxiety, neuro(psychological) test performance and levels of stress hormones. It taught me one thing: Psychological research is like wannabe-physics and cleverly hides behind a relatively complicated research method, but in practice its merit is more often than not finding out what most people already observed in the dark ages (okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, but you get the point I hope)

    • I do. What you were studying was, it sounds like, psychology. That is not the same thing as Psychiatry as in M.D. Psychiatry. You’d THINK it was. Most people BELIEVE it is, I sure as fuck did, but it is not. The two fields are not related. Sometimes they are, if an M.D. Psychiatrist also takes the time to study psychology or sociology they are or can be, but in actual real life practice, few if not most Psychiatrist M.D.’s study or can give a shit about psychology and/or human relations. They are M.D.s with an additional four years interning as Psychiatrists writing scripts for drugs. Period. Drugs. That’s their specialty. Many Psychiatrists were first bone doctors, general practitioners, or heart docs. Psychiatry is the study of alchemy and drug mixing with an idiotic adherence to a code of silence over the fact they know NOTHING about psychology and human interaction. I have a terrific trauma therapist I’ve worked with for 9 years now and she’s saved my life. I do not equate biological, M.D. psychiatrists with psychology, social work, therapists, or doctors even. They DO NOT rely on neuroscience, neurology, or even common sense when it comes to their treatment of “patients”. They write scripts for drugs for 6 to 7 people an hour and charge each of them 3 to 4 hundred a piece for the privilege. There are some psychiatrists who are also Psychologists, Bruce Perry, M.D., Ph.D. comes to mind. He works with abused kids and is wonderful. Dr. Peter Braggins(Spelling may be wrong) is another such man, but they are the exceptions. Google “Critiques of the Biological Model of Psychiatry,” and you will be amazed at just how non-psychological Psychiatry, M.D. Psychiatry is. You think it’s the same, right? You think it MUST be the same. But I assure you, it is not.

  2. My father was a physician (and his father and his brother). My grandmother was a pharmacist. I know about drugs needless to say.

    It always amazed me, back in the Seventies growing up in that environment seeing all the ‘free samples’ of drugs my dad got in the mail EVERY DAY.

    Yep! A pill for every problem.
    Amazing, this country of ours.

    Great Post My Friend!

    • Thanks. One of my personal peeves is what’s know as “Biological Psychiatry.” It’s the notion that things like war, rape, child abuse, etc. don’t cause anxiety, depression, PTSD etc. unless there’s an underlying genetic “biochemical” glitch already within the person who experiences these emotions. Absolute bullshit and absolutely degrading and insulting to those who struggle with these issues. Trauma causes damage to people, not because they are faulty to begin with, but because trauma causes damage to people. Drugs can be useful band aids from time to time to help ease pain; hell, that’s why people drink and take fucking drugs to begin with, but psyche drugs ARE not treating a biological illness in the same way insulin treats diabetes. They are band aids. Period. Fuck, do I ever HATE psychiatrists!

    • Seems I stuck a common chord here.
      I agree with all you have said.

    • Thanks, pal. That makes me feel good. I almost lost my life and what was left of my mind due to the idiotic bullshit of psychiatrists. Thank the stars I have always had such a strong bullshit detector. It’s saved me from the fuckers who abused me for decades and then from the drug pushers I went to for help who told me my pain was due to my genes and not the trauma I endured. Fucking jag offs. I tell ya, they BURN ME UP!!!

    • Ya know, Friend, I tried a phychaitrist once. Took her five or six hours just to get to know me.
      I had to laugh (I had downed a half-pint of Beam b4 I went to see her….another story…anyway, She was bullshit. Cost me seventy dollars an hour I did not have to waste…
      She gave me a prescription.
      I tossed it.
      And I never looked back.

    • Good for you. Therapy I find helpful. You know, talking therapy. I’m a big believer in that. Human connection and listening to each other, that kinda thing. But telling trauma victims and war vets that there’s something diseased and sick about their pain and suffering and only drugs can cure them, well that is just BULLSHIT!!!!

    • It’s all bullshit when it comes down to it.

    • Cheers and Cheerios!

    • Oh, I came down to it once, but it ran away and told me to go back up. Thus, I recommend letting it come up to you rather than you going down to it.

    • I figger’d that out too.

    • That’s cause, when you come right down to it, your a smart guy.

    • Endeavoring is half ze battle…
      Thanks My Friend.

    • Ze Battle. Went to High School with ’em. Nice guy, but he always got into, you know, battles.

    • I actually stole that phrase from ‘Cabaret’, MC: Joel Grey.
      Never an original thought, me.

    • Love that movie. “If you could see her through my eyes….” great stuff!!!!

    • Definitely one of those movies where everything ‘works’.
      A real classic that I never tire of watching.

    • Agreed.

  3. hahahah. this sounds legit

  4. Soon we will be issued drugs whether we want them or not. Someone knows better than you so shut up and take your meds.

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    I agree with Dr. Hymen. We have this troubled woman, who causes so much trouble in my neighbor/HOOD, that she’s making me feel troubled to have her as my next door neighbor. Unfortunately, her troubles simply won’t go away with medications. This situation is truly troubling.

  6. Reblogged this on The Daily Pause and commented:
    I agree with Dr. Hymen. We have this troubled woman, who causes so much trouble in my neighbor/HOOD, that she’s making me feel troubled to have her as my next door neighbor. Unfortunately, her troubles go away with medication. This situation is truly troubling.

    • Dr. Hymen thanks you for the reblog, and remember, always wear a HOOD in the neighbor/HOOD. Otherwise you leave yourself open to the unwelcome dropping of bird poop in the hair that neighborhoods are plagued with these days.

    • Again, I’m so sorry for the extra reblog. Wearing a HOOD in my HOOD is a great suggestion and does offer what little protection against a free car wash/human shower from her garden hose. ๐Ÿ˜

    • Beware the HOOD for it ain’t always good and even if it could I’m not sure it would.

  7. Lol…always a good laugh when I need it!

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