Nicholas Wade: A Racist Author I Want To Eat

Nicolas Wade: Author, Racist, And Fuck Head

Nicolas Wade: Author, Racist, Fuck Head, & Meal

As an atheist and morally deprived, godless cannibal, I’ve made it my life’s duty to eat people who I consider to be fuck heads. Well, Nicolas Wade, author of a new racist book called, “A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History,” is just such a fuck head.,%202014&utm_medium=email&utm_source=EOACLK

I hate racist fuck heads like Wade almost as much as I hate little boy rapist Catholic Priests. Why? Because they lack the balls to be honest about just how fucking racist they are. Instead, they hide behind pseudo-science and claim it somehow shows just how much smarter and more genetically advanced white people of European ancestry are to every other group of people on the planet, especially black people. It’s all genetic to fuck heads like Wade: Whites rule cause their genes make them superior. It’s all evolution. Right. It’s all bullshit. Fuck you, Nicolas Wade. Fuck you, and fuck your god damn white European ancestors. You spineless pussy. I’m going to eat you, Mr. Wade. I’m your genetic superior and on the top of the food chain. I’m a godless, morally deprived atheist who lacks all control over his basest instincts and emotions. Thus, my burning hatred of you, you fucking racist piece of shit, can only be quenched by my eating of your boiled flesh. Yummy, yum, yum, yum!

25 thoughts on “Nicholas Wade: A Racist Author I Want To Eat

  1. I thought you only eat them babies?


  2. Poor Nicholas: In the 1920’s and 1930’s you could simply write a book about how much you hated non white people. These days he’s forced to be all ‘scientific’ about it. He must have spent minutes if not hours doing his research!
    Thanks for pointing this guy out to us. I read the article you provided the link to. I think it’s people like Nicholas Wade that are very dangerous. Not everyone is capable of distinguishing science and the scientific method from pseudoscience and fancy words. People that were gullible in the 1930’s have there present day counterpart (my pseudoscientific assumption is that they’re FOX News’ key demographic) and I guess we all know what white people are capable of when they get the idea they’re somehow better.


    • Indeed we do. This type of writing and thinking that Wade does is referred to as scientific racism. Another book similar to his is called “The Bell Jar”. It espouses similar crap in a similar fashion. I subscribe to to a hate watch news letter which helps me up to date on hate groups, anti-gay shit-heads, and white supremacist advocators like this a-hole.


  3. God, this made me laugh. Eating fuckheads. Or maybe eating them is too good for them? I don’t think I’ll pursue this query…


  4. Hahaha! Love your pic caption too – hilarious. Look at him, trying to look all benign and respectable too – worrying 😮


  5. How about casseroling him and having a big Sunday lunch and serving him up to your friends, say when there’s a big match the telly on too? Win win – one less hate-monger on the planet, plus you get a great afternoon watching the game and catching up with your mates 🙂


    • Thanks. I’m very glad for freedom of speech and freedom of the press in our countries because they let me know what the psychopathic idiots out there are thinking. It’s nice to know what to be afraid of. With thinking like this guy’s, and with what’s happening in the Ukraine, I feel Hitler and the Nazis are just sitting in the shadows waiting to be reborn. We’d better wake up.


  6. I don’t eat meat, but even so, I feel like boiling humans isn’t the best way to prepare them. I think roasting or grilling might be better.


  7. Reblogged this on The Daily Pause and commented:

    “Whites rule cause their genes make them superior. It’s all evolution. Right. It’s all bullshit.”

    I agree: It’s all crap. Somehow, I do NOT believe in “evolution” but in something else called Imagination, err, “Creation”.


    • Evolution isn’t what I was referring to as bullshit. Creationism is delusion nonsense brought about by ignorance and the narcissistic belief that remaining ignorant is a wise choice. It isn’t. Fuck heads like Wade create (get it C R E A T E) stories they claim to be scientifically backed up in order to hide their racist ignorant beliefs behind them. Wade lacks the honesty to say he’s a bigot and a white supremest so he creates nonsense instead, much like religions do. I ate a lovely tasting Creationist for breakfast this morning, btw. Delicious!


  8. LOVE. IT.

    Nicholas seems to be going for a Goebbels look…. Apt, really.


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