A Modest Proposal to The Abortion Problem

Make abortion illegal but the eating of infants legal. What do pro-lifers love most? Fetuses. What could they care less about? Infants. Thus, by making abortion illegal, we make pro-lifers happy, and by making the consumption of  infants legal, we make barbaric atheist infant eaters like me happy too. Pregnant but don’t want a baby? No need to worry. Just pop the little tart out, get it, “pop tart”, then simply give it to an atheist near you so he or she can make a sandwich out of it.

Pro-lifers Love These,

Problem Solved: Since Pro-lifers Love These,

But Can Care Less About These.

But Could Care Less About These, Make Abortion Illegal,

And Atheists Love These, So My Solution Is Perfect, Eh.

And The Eating Of Infants Legal.

Awesome solution to a big problem, don’t ya think? And I don’t yet have a Nobel Prize, why?

14 thoughts on “A Modest Proposal to The Abortion Problem

  1. Great use of logic. It seems to be a winning idea for all parties (well, maybe nto so much for babies, but fuck ’em, right?…or actually, eat them, cause to fuck them would be morally wrong, even if you’re catholic;))


  2. Well that’s you and an angry mob then! Great post by the way.


  3. Hahaha.
    I can’t tell why apart from the Nobel, other organizations are not looking for you with prizes and universities with honorary degrees!


  4. Oh dear, that has to be one the best opening sentences ever devised!


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