Some Links To Illustrate American’s Are Indeed, Dumb

Below I’ve provide but a small sampling of links to articles which illustrate the dumbness of Americans. I love being an American and value greatly the rights I have as one. But there is no excuse for the most powerful and the wealthiest nation on the planet to have so many of its citizens so lacking in knowledge and critical reasoning skills. No bloody excuse at all.,0,3199830.story






31 thoughts on “Some Links To Illustrate American’s Are Indeed, Dumb

  1. I’ll be honest: I did not open any of the links you provided. One I had already read a few days ago and the others…well, the url’s kinda speak for themselves. Thanks for sharing, though…may need to get high before I can summon up the courage to read these:S

  2. We can safely say that America is populated mainly by dumb asses and a few brainies or how is it?

    • It’s populated by too many people who think the universe is centered on them and that whatever they say or think is just as equally important as everything else. Thus, Creationists say Evolution is no better than their shit because we are all equal here. It’s dumbness, arrogance, and an unearned sense of entitlement peppered with a severe fear of learning and science that makes us here in America, dumb, lazy, ignorant and too stupid to see it.

    • dumb, ignorant, stupid and proud of it? Did I represent them well

    • Welcome to America, son. You’re now a citizen.

  3. It is a frightening thing indeed that in this first world country, there are some inhabitants who want to debate things/ideas which have been considered a done deal ages ago….shaking my head….

  4. It is puzzling, but we can isolated the dumbness to a fairly specific geographic pocket, which practices a fairy specific type of Voodoo.

    • The type of Voodoo of which you speak uses a recipe of Equivocation mixed with a lot of bullshit, tons of “anything could be equally true as anything else” ideology, and a plethora of anti-science non-sense to produce a country which produces dummies who chose dumbness over the effort it takes to learn something. And it really works well.

    • Cheers up, here’s how Australians view you 🙂 (Actually, Australians are generally aware of where the dumb reside)

    • Why thank you! You folks still have cane toad problems over there? That’s got nothing to do with any of this, just popped into my mind. I had one as a pet once. Ugly bastards. And dumb. Well, maybe the thoughts are connected. 😀

    • Oh yeah, they’ve spread from Queensland all the way to NT and as far south as Victoria. A Brazilian present. We, however, got our own back by exporting the bracken fern to Brazil. Nothing quite like accidental ecological mayhem.

    • Those buggers sure can eat. what is it they’re doing, eating all the beneficial insects, rodents. and baby Christians? I know they tried introducing cane toad predators and it didn’t work. Toads probably ate them.

    • Cane Beetle, i think, was introduced, but the toad outsmarted it. Yeah, they just fuck up with every ecosystem they enter. No predators, they kill snakes (poison glands), so they just keep growing in numbers.

    • Ugly ass things. Though I doubt we look very good to them either.

    • I didn’t see the video that was attached til I saw it in my notification email from WordPress. Hilarious! The thing is, none of that is made up and it IS typical of Americans to be THAT dumb.

    • You’re not supposed to admit that! 🙂

    • I know, but COME ON already! My fellow Americans, you’re embarrassing me.

    • John those guys in that video are dumb. Did they select for dumb or this was random sampling?

    • I’ll answer here and John can later, but that is just a random sampling of Americans visiting Australia. I tell you, if I wanted to, I could sell people the Golden State Bridge and they wouldn’t know I ripped em off til they went to Frisco to claim a bridge that’s not theirs. No one here thinks.

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