Vintage Photos Of People From The Bible

Check out these vintage pics of people from the Bible that Moses dropped off at my office this morning.  He says he found them in an old sock drawer yesterday and wanted to share them. Give ’em a look; I think you’ll like ’em.

Virgin Mary's Facebook Picture, circa 1929

Virgin Mary’s Facebook Picture, circa 1929


Baby Lucifer Down Wind Of Baby Jesus

Baby Lucifer, Up Wind Of Baby Jesus


Joseph, Baby Jesus, And Mary In New York, circa 1927

Joseph, Baby Jesus, And Mary In New York, circa 1927


Mary Madelene: "Like What You See, Jesus?"

Mary Magdalene: “Like What You See, Jesus?”


God's First Wife, Rosalind, Teaching Baby Angel Gabriel How To Blow His Horn

God’s First Wife, Rosalind, Teaching A Baby Angel Gabriel How To Blow His Horn


Baby Moses In His Basket Seconds After Being Found.

Baby Moses, In His Basket, Seconds After Being Found in The Nile.

30 thoughts on “Vintage Photos Of People From The Bible

  1. Reblogged this on The Arm Chair Pontificator and commented:

    An older post with some fine pics of Bible characters I thought I’d re-share with the readers of this self-awarded Nobel Prize winning blog.


  2. Hilarious…great concept, brilliant in its (apparent) simplicity. Mary Magdalene’s pic is my favorite!


  3. Rosalind is looking just a bit evil there… some photographers just don’t know their stuff.


  4. Excuse me, the “baby Moses/Moshe” there, is actually …me!
    The picture was taken in secret by Mary Magdalene, actually my mother…
    Please keep this secret, I don’t want Dan Brown to find out about THE truth. It would be devastating for Tommy (Hanks) as well…


  5. Well I never knew Moses was English! Socks with sandals – the stereotypical attire for a Brit holidaying abroad in the sun no less. By the way whatever we do to ‘follow’ your blog via WordPress wearing the League of Mental Men hat fails. I’ve even tried copying and pasting your address in but it keeps coming up ‘unknown’ which is a bastard really. Any ideas how we can actively follow for I know Clive Danton and not just me would enjoy a bit of banter re your posts!


  6. Thanks for bringing a face to the mysticism. Inspirational.


  7. Hahahahaha
    That made my afternoon


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