Carl Sagan Returns From The Dead Via Wormhole

Carl Sagan returned from the dead a few hours ago. Here’s what he had to say about it.

“In spite of the billions and billions of odds against it, I’ve come back from the dead via the wormhole you see behind me in the picture below:

I'm Baaaack!

I’m Baaaack!

I had a hypothesis that traveling between the realms of the living and the dead might be possible provided you had a nice, fat wormhole connecting them that you could crawl through to do it. But before I had the opportunity to make or buy such a wormhole to test that hypothesis, I died. Once that happened, I assumed I no longer existed. Until I realized, if I’m still able to make such an assumption after I’ve already died, then obviously I still exist or I wouldn’t be able to make the assumption I didn’t.  Thus, having established for myself I did, in fact, still exist, even though I had died, I set about the business of making a big, fat wormhole to see if I could crawl through it and return to the realm of the living. And guess what? I can.  And now that I am here, I think I’ll help my old friend Neil deGrasse Tyson co-host ‘Cosmos.’ That should send its ratings into the stratosphere as well as freak out fundamentalist, knowledge-fearing, Christians. I always enjoyed it whenever I could do that. That’s all for now folks. I gotta crawl back through the wormhole. I think I may have left my stove on.”

8 thoughts on “Carl Sagan Returns From The Dead Via Wormhole

  1. I’m glad it was Carl Sagan who figured out how to return from the dead, and not – oh I don’t know – Jerry Failwell?;)


  2. Clever stuff – he must have a hat-full of royalties to collect the lucky bastard!


    • Maybe he can use the $ to buy more wormholes for passage ways between realms. That’d be cool. Sagan’s one of my heroes. I really admired him.


    • The wife has a number of his books as it happens – by the way she set up a blog then thought better of it (shame as she is well read and much funnier than me) yet she is ‘following’ you you may have noticed. An atheist by nature she is enjoying your stuff – Shirley Blamey is her name.


    • I thought that was you in the pic with her. Tell her thanks for following my blog, and hello.


  3. Take a good look around, you may want to go back to being dead.


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