Gay Hating Douche-Bag, Fred Phelps, Near Death

Fred Phelps, of the gay hating Westboro Baptist Church, is near death, and though some people are taking the moral high ground and not using this as an opportunity to say awful things about Mr. Phelps, I’m not one of them.

 Fred Phelps: Soon To Be Maggot Chow

Fred Phelps: Soon To Be Maggot Chow

I hope, if there is a Hell, Phelps suffers its flames like no other before him has. He is a walking pile of smoldering shit, a leaching parasite that death is removing from our midst far, far later than it should have. His likeness should be placed on pro-abortion advertisements which read: “If Ever A Person Needed To Be Aborted From His Mother’s Womb, It Was Phelps. His Life Was An Abortive Insult To Human Decency.” I’ve no interest in any moral high ground when it comes to expressing my feelings in regards to this festering tub of stale puke. I hope that his death is a painfully slow one, and that he remain conscious and aware throughout it. If anyone ever deserved crucifixion and a three-day cross dangle prior to expiring, it’s Phelps. I pity the poor maggots and worms that will eventually dine on the rancid, poisoned meat which clings to his rotted bones, surely no more potent a pesticide could ever exist. Goodbye, Phelps. It is proof no God exists that such a monster as you could ever have lived.


68 thoughts on “Gay Hating Douche-Bag, Fred Phelps, Near Death

  1. So tell us what you really think, ACP 🙂 Yes, I hate when people tell us not to speak ill of the dead. Why? I spoke ill of him when he was alive! Anyway, good riddance to bad rubbish. Other people can take the moral high ground; I’ll curse him from down here.


  2. Good on you Sir – whoever this twat is I’m with you all the way.


  3. I’m expecting the WBC to protest Phelps funeral


  4. Kissinger was the guy who took me to SFM; ( I have written of this)


  5. God loves Phelps.
    Phelps dies, God cries.
    Just do it!


  6. It’s strange to me how it’s seen as the “moral high ground” to give respect to an evil man. Perhaps, because it’s still too soon? I forsee Phelps becoming another Hitler, personifying religious extremism and hatred. We’ll be teaching our children about him, someday. Sadly, it’s earned him his own type of immortality in history.

    Oh well.

    I’m with you, albeit slightly less verbal about it. He’s not worth the breath, even if it would feel good to get some good curses out on his grave/death bed. Most he’s getting out me me is a shrug, “fuck him”, and a dusting off of my shoes as I walk off.

    Applaud you for making this post though. It’s a stance not many are choosing to take.


    • Of course not. People are afraid to say what they feel. What I hate most about dirt wads like Phelps is how they hide behind Jesus to justify their hate. I hate Phelps because I hate him. I do. I do not need a god to justify it. It’s just my feeling and me ranting on it on my blog. Also, I’m a bit of an attention hound and know doggone well I’ll get a shit load of views of my blog cause of this post. Thus, I S-T-R-E-T-C-H things a bit just to get attention. I’m hoping the Nobel Prize Committee notices, too, and gives me my damn NOBEL PRIZE ALREADY. God, those people are SOOOO stubborn!


    • Hahahaha! Nothing wrong with any of that. 😉


    • Nothing at all. HeeHaw!!!


  7. Wow! I am with you! I hate hate hate..
    Opps, No, not hate.
    Great post.


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