Scientology Attacks Gay Marriage; A-theist Sociopath Attacks Scientology

Hello. My name is David Christiankill, I’m an a-theist and a sociopath. I’ve no empathy for the religious fundamentalist-types I torment and eventually eat. I don’t eat people because I’m an a-theist. I eats ’em ’cause I likes ’em! Tasty meat, human is. Any way, why I’m here. I look upon myself as a hand of righteous vengeance. I strike at those who seek to glorify themselves by dehumanizing others to hide the doubts they have about themselves. This article on Scientology’s attempt to legitimize itself by doing what the Christians and Muslims do best, hate gays and fight gay marriage, caught my eye. Scientology Attacks Gay Marriage as Dangerous to Society – Canada cult |

Me, An Atheist Sociopath

Me, An Atheist Sociopath

I realized after reading this that I’ve yet to eat a Scientology member. I pondered why this was, and here’s what I came up with. As sick, over-the-top and violent as Christianity and Islam are, I still think of them as religions, evil ones, but religions none the less. Scientology I think of as a prolapsed horse’s anus with flies buzzing around it because it smells like shit, mucous, and blood all at the same time. Excuse me for that comment, it wasn’t nasty enough to express how I truly feel, but be patient, I’m just warming up.

He' Nuttier Than Me

He’s Nuttier Than Me

So, Scientology is homophobic and disapproves of two people who love each other getting married if their privy parts match, eh? You guys really have a pair of balls, I’ll say that. Has anyone in your little cult of stupidity ever looked in a god damn mirror? Do you see religious leaders looking back out at you, or do you see what the world sees. Oafish apes who dress like humans, walk like humans, and have vile habits like humans, but most definitely are not humans. All humans I’ve ever come into contact with have had at least a shred of pride and a morsel of self-awareness. Scientology members have neither. I say this, because you fuckers are NOT a religion, and you’re insistence that you are, irritates the shit out of me.

 Why Scientology Is A Joke

Why Scientology Is A Joke

You are assholes. You are stupid-heads. You are nachos with a big, “Sorry, outta cheese,”  sign on you. You are clowns who no one laughs at and wish were dead. You are a hemorrhage on the pussies and cocks of every man, woman, and child whose time you’ve wasted trying to convince you’re a religion. And you’re represented by actors whose careers you’ve destroyed by letting them associate themselves with you. In other words, you’re a joke, and you are not appreciated even for that because you’re not a funny one,  just a mundane, suicidally sad one.

I Want Alex Back!

I Want Alex Back!

Either you ass eaters change your rhetoric on gay people, and let Laura Prepon be on the WHOLE season 2 of “Orange Is The New Black,” or I’m coming for you. And  I’m going to boil you alive in olive oil, then eat you while I play graphic gay porn for you to enjoy while I do.


26 thoughts on “Scientology Attacks Gay Marriage; A-theist Sociopath Attacks Scientology

  1. yo…your stuff’s sharp so u might wanna send your best satirical pieces to Dan Geddes at the Satirist Magazine (check it out) at: continue…

  2. Pretty amazing how these newfangled cults can pop up and suck people in. Say, isn’t this pretty much how they all started?

    Give them time,they will be a mainstream religion out slaying infidels and burning and pillaging the countryside.

  3. Awwww, you bitch! You beat me to it! I was gonna have a go at Scientology next thursday by posting a Tom Cruise eulogy…but I can tell you now my piece will be a cool breeze compared to your lashing satire…
    Still, I’m glad you didn’t spare Scientology…their status as a relgion is debatable (it’s a religion in the US, but I think it’s borderline forbidden in Germany…hm…I guess Germans know what it’s like when a cult gets out of hand, heah?)…

    I personally feel it’s a very disturbing cult and one that’s very good at ruining the lives of entire families by use of aggression and intimidation…oh, and of course there’s this Xenu that threw some Hbombs on humans some 75 million years ago.

    Like your previous post, this one ranks among your best my friend…keep up the good work!

    • Why thank you kind, sir. They really pissed me off when, after just watching 13 consecutive episodes of “Orange Is The New Black,” and loving it, I read that Laura Prepon, who’s character on the show is gay, will be doing only a few sporadic appearances next season because her “religion” of Scientology hates gays and doesn’t want her portraying a lesbian, much less one who fucks other women on the show. WTF! This may not be true, but it sure sounds true. WTF kind of actor is going to allow some fuck wad idiots tell her not to play apart in a hit TV show? How do they get people like Prepon to join them and agree with this shit? They fucking creep me out.

    • Well, that’s the scary thing about cults…they get inside you (and not in the way women and gay men tend to like it).
      A close friend of mine used to be a Jehovah’s Witness, which I too consider a cult, albeit far less aggressive than Scientology. His ‘beliefs’ (=his peers) pretty much dictated what he could and couldn’t do and it took him years to shake off the feeling of guilt caused by not living by the rules he was brought up with.
      The Jehovah’s Witness cult I think is like Scientology in the sense that it isolates people and creates a reality for them that has little meaning in the world you and I live in…that in turn I think creates a dependence and allows people to be dictated.
      A religion can be like a drug addiction I think…people are fine once they’re inside, but lost when they’re not.

    • Excellent assessment. I agree completely. I have to look more into what lures Scientology uses to attract, and capture actors and high profile types. Laura Prepon was in “That 70’s Show” and, though I think she’s a fine actress, hot too, she hasn’t done a whole lot since that show ended. To leave a hit show after one brief season because you’re religion doesn’t like you playing a lesbian, is beyond me. I get how cults lure in the needy, the unloved, the confused, but this part of their evil skill set confounds me. And it is very, very sad. I actually found out about her leaving that show for this reason because I thought she was gay in real life and was checking to she whether or not she was. I have this thing for falling for lesbian gals, and I figured since I think she’s hot, she had to be gay or I wouldn’t feel that way. I wasn’t expecting to find this story. Fucking Scientology. Whack-jobs.

  4. Well that’s told them then! My atheist son has been going on about this lot for a while. Insofar as I am aware they are no big deal this side of the pond yet you have me curious now so I shall have to investigate! Fine post as ever.

    • I’m curious about them. They’re cult-like, and they have a lot of money. I mean A LOT of money. Their “religion” is so idiotic, it makes the others seem likely to be true when compared. And they are secretive little bastards. No idea exactly what they’re up to, but it isn’t good. That I’m pretty confident of.

    • Are they the lot that believe we are all the love children of aliens or such like?

    • Yes. Apparently this Xenu dude whose pic I used, dumped us here, now get this, 14 TRILLION years ago and abandoned us or some bullshit. Unreal. They’re very cultish, and rich, and creep me out. I really don’t get WTF they are.

    • ‘See you next Tuesday’ comes to mind as what they are!

    • Meaning pay now and I’ll fix it later? That kinda thing? I can see that. They’ve been accused of killing people and other such things. The anti-gay shit I can believe, goes with the territory, but murder accusations need something beside rumors to get me to believe them. Being a slime bag cult doesn’t necessarily imply they’re murdering people.

  5. Scientologists are far more dangerous than gays, the latter at least tell what they do, while the former are lying over their conspiracies. Personally I would not grant acces to my country to T. Cruise, who I see as the most dangerous person on this A-god forsaken planet.

    • I actually don’t think gay people pose any danger at all. Tom Cruise is dangerous because he’s annoying. I used to like him, back in the ’80’s. But any actor who chooses to become involved in Scientology, whatever the fuck it is, has lost credibility with me. They really need to investigate Scientology. Something wrong is going on there, that’s apparent, but just what exactly, I’m curious to know.

    • “I actually don’t think gay people pose any danger at all.”

      Indeed, and consequently scientologists are far more dangerous.

    • They’re RICH, sneaky, cult-like, whack-jobs. They’re doing something very wrong. I do not like them.

    • scientology is not a religion, it’s a business and it’s product is a scam.

    • Reads to me me like a cult. Sneaky. I think it is not a good thing. How it lures in these movie stars I don’t know, but slim oozes from the pores of Scientology.

  6. I may or may not have just laughed so hard, I peed on the couch!

    You, Sir… Are awesome!

    • That was a great compliment. Thank you. Now, I’ll send you the Nobel Prize Committee’s phone number. Please call them and tell them to SEND MY MY DAMN PRIZE, ALREADY! It’s ridiculous!

  7. I ♥ Laura Prepon!…that’s all I had to say….

    • I just watched her on “Orange Is The New Black” last weekend then read she’ll only do a show or two for season 2 because she’s a Scientology whacko and they’re anti-gay. WHAT! I friggin’ thought she was gay, not that it matters, but an actress can’t even play a gay character if they’re a Scientologist? Really? Fuck those idiots. It isn’t like she’s had tons of work either. Friggin’ religions. There’s like a manual of dehumanizing shit you have to do if you even aspire to be one.

    • Well she can choose her job or her religion. Scientologist? Oh bummer! So they can be murderers, etc., but not gay??

    • I guess. Apparently the “church” didn’t like her playing a gay character. Made lesbians look human or something. I was shocked. I can’t take any actor, or anyone, who’s a Scientology nut seriously. I just bloody watched all 13 episodes of that show too and LOVE it. Now, this news. Damn those Scientology nuts!

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