Robert The Reviewer & Ken Ham Hunt A Haggis

In honor of the Ken Ham Bill Nye debate, held earlier this evening, TACP presents to you a tale told by Robert The Reviewer about the time he and Ken Ham went Haggis hunting in the moors of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Robert The Reviewer & Ken Ham Hunting Haggis

Ken Ham & Robert The Reviewer Hunting Haggis

‘Dis ‘ere’s Robert da Reviewer, ‘n I be tellin’ ye all toda’ a tale ov da time me ‘n me frind, Ken ‘am, da Creationist fella who also happins ta be an expert in huntin’ beasties ‘newn as Haggis, once went a’ huntin’ fer a pertcularly ferocious Haggis dat was eatin’ up all da Christian bebbees in ‘n ‘roun’ the moors of Edinburgh. I could nae ‘ave me ain son wi’ me on dis pertcular edventur’ ’cause ‘es more girl t’an man, ‘n ‘e would nae be able ta handle da stress ‘o huntin’ such a nasty beastie Haggis as dis. Nae room fer girly men on a trip like dis! So’s I got’s me ‘ole pal Ken ‘am tae come ta Edinburgh ta kill dat Haggis wi’ me ‘n eat ’em wit me wife ‘n meself. Me son, bein’ da girly-sissy boy ‘e is, I promised tae nae share a meal wi’ again ’til he larned ta act a MAN ‘n stop bein’ so girly! Da dam’ pansy dat ‘e is!

The Moors Of Edinburgh: Haggis Country

The Moors Of Edinburgh: Haggis Country

As soon as Ken ‘am arrived, ‘e ‘n I went ta da moors ov Edinburgh tae begin our ‘unt fer da ferocious beastie Haggis! I ‘ad me Da’s ain’ Haggis killin’ sword wi’ me, ‘n Ken, ‘e ‘ad wi’ him a Japanese Samurai sword ‘e said ‘is ma give ‘im when ‘e turned a man at 4 years ‘eld. I n’er thought we’d e’vr git tae kill dat Haggis at first, though. Me pal, ‘am, ye see, ‘es one ov doe’s Bibel Literalis’ fellers who’s aw’a’s talkin’ ’bout dat girly boy sissy ov a woman-god, Jesiz. I’d nae could follow dat girly man ov a god if me ain life depended on me doin’ so. ‘es a PANSY GIRLY MAN, nae a god tae follow fer real men like me! ‘e let them damn Romans neel ‘is arse tae a cross ‘n ‘e died! Wa’ keenda bastard-pansy ov a god does dat?! A girly boy sissy faggot ov a god, ’tis wha’ I say! So’s I tells Ken ‘am dis, ‘n ‘e gets pissy wi’ me ’bout it! ‘Den ‘e tells me da Earth be only 6000 years ol’ ‘n men ‘n dinosaurs lived together at da same time, right ‘er ‘n da moors ov Edinburgh, ken! Well, me lassies ‘n laddies, dat saved Ken ‘am in me eyes ‘n kipt me from stickin’ ‘im wi’ me Da’s sword. Ye see, I see’s it as a good thing when a man who’s damn’d crazy, like Ken ‘am is, kin thump ‘es chest ‘n stupidly, ‘n wi’ conviction, tell all who’ll lisen’ ta ’em jus’ how stupid ‘e is by sayin’ da stupid things ‘e believes wi’ out any evidence a’tall. Ken ‘am spouted dat shite fer hours as we hunted fer dat ferocious Haggis in those damp moors.

Ferocious Haggis Beastie

Ferocious Haggis Beastie

It made up fer ‘is worshippin’ dat pansy-ass sissy girl Jesiz god ‘o ‘is, an’ it helped ta lull dat beastie Haggis inta’ a bit ov stupidity ‘iself, fer nae sooner ‘ad Ken ‘am finished ‘is yakin’ tae me ’bout ‘is stupid beliefs on da age ‘o da Earth, than dat Haggis leaped from a tree ‘n landed on Ken ‘am’s back. Dat’s when I drove me Haggis killin’ sword inta its ugly Haggis hide whilst shoutin’ out, ” FUCK DAT PANSY ARSE JESIZ, KEN ‘AM! YER ARSE JUS’ GOT SAVED BY ROBERT DA REVIEWER ‘N ‘IS HAGGIS KILLIN’ SWORD!” Needless ta say, me laddies ‘n lassies, Ken ‘am t’was damned thankful tae ‘is ‘ole pal, me. We took dat dead Haggis haem, ‘n after I beat me more-girl-than-man ov a sissy son ‘n me fargin’ wife fer havin’ dat woman ov a man son ‘o mine, we cooked dat beastie right up ‘n ate ’em down wi’ several pints ‘o Scotland’s finest beer. Dat was all of us but me boy, however. ‘im I sent ta the store tae buy ‘imself some pink ice cream wi’ cherries ta eat. Dat’s all dat’s fittin’ fer a son who’s more girl than man. Once ‘e learns tae be a man, ‘e kin eat wi’ da likes ov guys like Ken ‘am, who may be stupid, but ‘is still a MAN! See ye soon kiddies. Dis is Robert da Reviewer sayin,’ good bye.

8 thoughts on “Robert The Reviewer & Ken Ham Hunt A Haggis

  1. Shared this brilliance on Twitter;)


  2. Well you’ve sorted out the Presbyterians of Scotland with that one – nice one. Nothing wrong with a bit of well meant alienation in my book. By the way did you know south of the border here in the shires of England there is now taste for the seasoned oatmeal vegetarian haggis by the way?


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