God’s Non-Existence No Excuse For Bigotry, Says A-theist

Non-Believe It Or Else, Atheist Mega Church

Non-Believe It Or Else: A-theist Mega Church

A member of the “Non-Believe It Or Else” a-theist Mega Church in Corpus Christi, Texas today said God was a bigot and discriminates horribly against a-theists, even though he does not exist. “God’s non-existence does not excuse his treatment of a-theists,” said Joe Asinine, cannibal and head chef for the “Non-Believe It Or Else” restaurant and grill. “He allows Catholic Priests to rape little boys while the hierarchy of the Catholic Church moves them from one unknowing parish to another, thus allowing the rape to continue; yet, somehow, the Catholic Church, as an institution, has not been held accountable for doing this. Well, we a-theists want the SAME deal for our church leaders that they have! What, did you think JUST because someone’s a leader in an a-theist church they don’t crave the pleasure and power-rush of raping a child just as much as Catholic Priests do? Shit, if the a-theist leaders of a-theist Mega Churches were raping their child members and got caught, Christians would burn them alive for it. They sure as shit wouldn’t show them any special deference. Hell, Christians hate us just because we don’t believe in their particular god (and occasional eat their young). Imagine they’re feelings if we tossed some a-theist-leadership child-rapists into the mix as well, ouch!

Atheist Rapists Want The Same Deference This Priest Rapist Gets

Atheist Rapists Want The Same Deference This Priest Rapist Gets

BIGOTS! They’re fucking BIGOTS! And they’re non-existent god is as bigoted as they are for allowing them the deference to rape kids unheeded by the laws of man, while denying us the same deference simply because we know he isn’t real. This is the non-existent nothingness that is god fucking with our rape-rights to fresh child-meat, and it’s NOT FAIR!!!  Damn it! An a-theist child rapist who wants access to little boy ass, along with freedom from any serious retributions, would have to force himself to fake a belief in Jesus in order to become a rapist Catholic Priest. I truly resent people not granting the a-theist rapist members of my Mega Church the same deference they do Catholic Priest rapists simply because they do not believe in Jesus. This shows just how bigoted god and Christians truly are against a-theists. We can’t even get a break when we rape kids like they do. And that is bullshit, man. Pure and simple.”

19 thoughts on “God’s Non-Existence No Excuse For Bigotry, Says A-theist

  1. This is one of the many wtf moments I have with religion and the religious in general. I mean how bad does it have to get, how many child raping priests, how many children bent over, before people finally say “Thats it, I have had it with religion and the coverups of its crimes, as well as the mobster mentality that makes them think they have a right to get away with this shit?”

    I am consistently amazed at the way people can forgive religious institutions for these crimes, and continue on as if nothing at all has happened. Dumbfounded even. I always find myself asking the same question…how many raped kiddies is it going to take? What is the number? When will enough be enough? Where is the fucking line?

    Keep up the good work ACP


    • Indeed. Thank you for reading. Americans do NOT favor their children above everything else. They favor their religious institutions and, in certain circumstances, the constitutional right we supposedly all have to be considered innocent until proven guilty. That’s the fucking bullshit I hear about these child rapists, some haven’t been proven guilty, so we must assume their innocence. Fuck that. The track record of the Catholic Church has negated their fucking claim to this right. Our KIDS must be considered BEFORE institutions like the Catholic Church, but they are not, and anyone who says otherwise is lying. Kids are seen as property, props, little grown ups who need toughening up so that they’ll grow up “right”. The Bible says shit like this. And like it or not the Bible has a powerful influence on how we, as a Western culture, see the world. I’m fucking sick of the chest thumping and posturing that goes on about our “kids” and our “children”. If they mattered, the cock suckers running the Catholic Church would be in jail, and the Church would be dismantled with its assets being sold off to support the people whose lives its ruined by allowing its Priests to rape them as children. These men are little boy rapists. Sick, twisted and perverted. They need our contempt, and our hatred, not our sympathy. Our children need that. It’s about fucking time they get it.


  2. Reblogged this on The Daily Pause and commented:

    Truly, your words will go unheeded by the laws of “meat-sacks”, who by their own bigotry are messed up on this messed up planet.


  3. Superb satire – you mock with a razor sharp blade.


  4. Hahahahaha!
    You are very funny


  5. Hehehe… I second MAL’s observation. Twisted minds are good.


  6. Joe’s got a point…btw, can I ask who the priest in the picture is? I don’t know him, but then again I never was a choir boy.


  7. I like the way your mind twists things 🙂


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