The Fonz And The Burning Bush Cast In Batman vs Superman

superman-batman-logo-SDCCArthur Fonzarelli, of “Happy Days” fame, has been cast in “Batman vs Superman,” the sequel to last summer’s box office hit, “Man of Steel.” He will be playing, essentially, himself, as a high school history teacher who also happens to be a Burning Bush wielding superhero. ” Ehhhh! This is going to be…Cool…Really..Cool,” Fonzie said earlier today.

The Fonz

The Fonz

“I’m going to have this cool red convertible that can fly, as well as a special Fonzarelli back pack which will house a powerful secret weapon: God, in the form of the Biblical Burning Bush. It’s going to be an awesome weapon that even Superman would find hard to beat. Don’t let the fact that it’s a small, burning shrubbery allow you to forget it is also The Lord, God. I say this, in the film, every time I whip it out, light it up, and set it loose on wicked and unwary non-believers,” Fonzie concluded.

May Not Look Like Much, But It's God

May Not Look Like Much, But It’s God

“I’m ecstatic that the Burning Bush from the Bible is going to be in this film,” Zach Snyder, the film’s director, said.  “It’s usually too busy burning and torturing non-believers to even consider doing something like this, but it wanted to work with The Fonz, and actually was the one to ask me if I had a part for it to play. I’d have been a fool to have said no.”

Zach Snyder, Director

Zach Snyder, Director

6 thoughts on “The Fonz And The Burning Bush Cast In Batman vs Superman

  1. I would love to see the Fonz take on a role in a superhero movie…his coolness dwarfs that of Tony Stark…can’t think of a better person to channel god than the Fonz!


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