Jews And Gays I Really Like, But Christians Are Another Story

I lived in a part of Chicago called West Rogers Park for almost 9 years. In the area where I lived, lived many devote Jews. There where several temples there, and I’d always see folks going to them on foot on Saturday mornings.

Typical Saturday Morning In West Rogers Park

Typical Saturday Morning In West Rogers Park

I know very little about the Jewish faith, even though I was surrounded by these devote Jewish families for all those years. And I just realized that I know so little about them because they NEVER once tried to ram their faith down my throat the way Christians do. Not once did they tell me I was evil and would burn unless I accepted their faith as mine. If they thought that way, they never told me about it. Not once was I ever not shown respect as I walked amongst these folks, even though it was quite obvious I’m not Jewish. No one tried to convert or save me. On several occasions I asked questions about certain practices I noticed them observing during Jewish holidays. I always was given a friendly, catch free, explanation, which of course I’d always forgotten by the time the same holiday came again a year later and I had to ask for it again. No one ever seemed put off by my asking, and no one ever said,” If you don’t believe this, too, you’ll burn in hell.” I have no issue, no complaint, and no chip on my shoulder with the Jewish faith and the wonderful people who practice it. I could see how tightly their faith and cultural identity were intertwined and I understood the value these people placed in holding on to each other and their identity as a people because so many have tried to take it from them over the centuries. If this behavior were practiced by Christians in America, how much better we all would be for it, especially Christians. The constant moralizing Christians do and the sickening practice they have of telling those who don’t share their faith they’re going to burn for it, really annoy the fuck out of me. I’m sick of Christians. I’m sick of being judged by them.

Gay And Jewish!

Gay And Jewish!

I’m also completely finished with being nice about it. I have many gay friends as I’ve been involved with theater and musical theater since I was in the 9th grade. And yes, there are many gays in the theater. (Lots of pretty girls, too). I essentially grew up from 14 on having many gay friends, and all were kind, and good to me. I never thought anything odd or strange about having gay friends and working with them. No gay men attacked me. No one was trying to rape me. No one tried to convert me to the gay life style. Nothing strange at all went on except perhaps A LOT of singing. So when I have to listen to the hate-filled disgusting rhetoric spewed out about gays by Christians, I want to hurt them. I want to hurt them bad, the way they hurt my friends. It makes me hate them. They’ve made me hate them. Catholic Priests rape little boys like birds eat seeds, yet still are shown great deference cause they’re priests. Meanwhile, two women who love each other are called Satan spawn by Christians and told it’s wrong for them to be married. Screw that message of hate. If you’re reading this and are Christian, and my words make you angry, if you feel judged and unfairly treated, GOOD. I want you to feel that way. I want YOU to hurt. I want you not to be able to marry who you love. And I want it to be because of your sick faith. Your faith SUCKS! It has hurt so many people. Get a different faith, Christians. Yours is horrible. I’m going to do everything I can to make as many of you as possible feel irradiated and pissed off as often as possible. I like doing that to you. You are venom. And you need to be sucked out of the wound you’ve made then spit into the toilet and flushed away for good.


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  1. And thank you for calling me…
    Very Long.

    • Did I call you? Hope I didn’t call you sweet heart, we barely know one another!

    • Oh! Stupid me! A dick joke! How could I miss that? I bet PZ loves all tiny dick jokes I tossed at him and the ball-less ones, too. You see, where I grew up, even though I’ve performed in most of Shakespeare’s plays and wrote my Master’s Thesis on “Hamlet”, when all is said and done, a fist into someone’s face always wins out. A fist like a dick joke is hard to beat, until the cops come that is.

  2. I will send you a Benny.
    Give me a P.O. Box.

    • Not unless it’s Benny Hill. What’d pZ do to you? He seems to have a number of enemies, wonder why? To attack Sam Harris like he did too was just stupid. Why? Or am I missing something about the mutual masturbatory joys of academia? It’s been several years since I taught in a University. Why can’t J.J. Abrams find me and ask for help on Star Wars or Bill Maher even. I attract nuts. (No, not THOSE nuts, crazy people)

  3. I would dare not trouble you. I will re-post it myself.
    And then go and blast the whole damn thing on PZ’s site.
    Get banned.
    In honor of Newton Day. And a truly appreciative salutation to you on the day worthy of celebrating something that actually happened.
    Yes. Sir Isaac his own self. Actually the most religious man who ever lived. And, yes the true father of the scientific method. Gravity. Light. The Calculus.
    Born on December 25th.
    Happy Newton Day

    • Wouldn’t trouble me at all. Newton was an amazing genius. And yes, very religious. I’m pretty sure it’s the very long post you sent that you’re referring to. I’d have to get paid to continue the banter with my pal here. Too boring.

  4. So will you post my comment I tried to place on your original post on the re-worked post? Just wondering.

    Who would’a thought that sentence could exist.

    Monkey at the keyboard.

  5. In memory of Alan Turing, I offer with all respect…
    Know thy enemy.

    • Naw. If I deleted this whole blog tomorrow, it wouldn’t bother me in the least. I work with the mentally ill all day. I’m bored with this one.

    • So, does your reply here mean, PZ will magically set me up to be castrated for gay acts, or that I will have a way of getting kiddie porn onto his main frame now that I have his internet info? Not that I know anyone who could do that or anything.

  6. Oh dear Gawd or FSM, please don’t tell me Ponty removed a post under pressure of PZ. Please, let us all know that it was self editing. Albeit, delayed, but SELF editing none-the-less.

    • Yes, I took a post down to rework it. I do not and will not go on Myers site. Gives me the creeps. So if posts are popping up there, he’s doing my bidding. But he is an ill man. And I do not say this out of cruelness. I work in the psychiatric field and I work exclusively with trauma survivors. Some is not right with this guy. I know EVERYTHING about him. He knows NOTHING about me. what he is doing here is a form of suicide. One day he’ll troll someone who’ll seek him out and bang.

  7. Oh no. It happened. A post vanished.

    So here is what I wanted to post…

    You start a blog. You do some wacky stuff that draws attention and end up with 10’s, 100’s, even 1,000’s of views and mad attention.
    You have a life. You have a wife. You have a job. And now it seems everyone wants a piece of your ass. How do you triage 10,000 fucking people? Worse yet. How the fuck do you triage 10,000 fucking wise ass sarcastic literate people with college degrees?
    What do you do? What do you do?
    You do what PZ does. He figured it out. I know. Now I am his Snowden and I will tell you what you probably know already.
    He can easily manipulate the situation by simple devices. He’s been doin’ it awhile. He’s very good at it. You, me and he, would ultimately do the same thing for the same reasons. Reality sucks. Necessity is truly the Mother of Invention.
    Example. On the night you posted your “I’m gonna eat PZ post” I told my dear wife of 34 years that “tomorrow morning PZ will have posted at least 5 new posts to his site”. I call it “burying” the dead. (That’s you.)
    The next morning… guess what…???? 5 new posts, all lifted up within 10 minutes of each other the next early morning. PZ was busy that night.
    If PZ wanted to keep the discussion going, as he has done so many times before, he merely re-addresses the issue at hand and makes another post. He then gets HUGE hit counts, triggers massive response numbers, and unleashes his fans on any unsuspecting miscreant. (That’s you.) If he wants to bury the “uncomfortable”, the “challenging”, he does. And very well I might add. He is not stupid. Don’t forget that.
    Actually. I am saddened about the fight. We have really evil people to pick on like the Ken Hammykins on this Earth, and it breaks my heart to have witnessed (for over 40 years), rational people, fighting with each other when we have idiots to battle. After all. We are in fact worried about the Earth aren’t we? Obviously we don’t give a wit about ourselves and our place in it, just that it survives.
    Anyway. Hitchens, and Harris, distill the concepts of free thought and what we think… probably the best of anyone. True there are so many others, Sagan and gawd help me Dawkins and Dennett among them. But they have all faced the SAME fucking issues as PZ.
    You, dear Nobel Laureate, are apparently part of a small group of us who have come to the conclusion that we are genuinely pissed off. Frustrated. Incredulous. Stunned. And ready to fight. Ultimately, that is how revolutions start.
    So take your own advice. Be a Jedhi master and figure this thing out.
    I am still very proud to be number 57.
    I think I am number 45,789 on PZ’s gig.
    Think about that.

    P.s. Caine,Fluer de Mal (or whatever) (PZ’s minion), called me an “asspimple”. My wife has been laughing ever since. I checked in the mirror this morning. Not one. Breathed a deep sigh of relief. Anyway, how does someone with a RHR of 45 get asspimple’s unless they sit on bacteria? What is so funny is that she, who lives in “warm house” in North Dakota… regularly, even daily, posts 100’s even 1’000’s times a month on PZ’s site on virtually EVERY fucking post. Having an actual life, I visit PZ once or twice every 2-3 months and stir up shit by pointing out obvious stupid stuff. So who is the “troll”? I had to get all teenager on myself to do it, but I came up with a brilliant, Nobel Prize winning rejoinder for Miss Caine.
    CuntWart. She’ll be at the mirror soon too. Ha Ha The question is. Can she see them without a mirror? Not likely.

    • I’m reworking the last post that was up. Is he reposting stuff on his site? I haven’t been on it, and won’t. My doggie will keep coming to me and doing everything for me. I’m very specific with my choice of insults. This dudes a nut. I remember him now from the Sam Harris bullshit he pulled. I didn’t remember his name though. I remember Harris thinking he was nuts and getting annoyed with him. My theory is he simply will take every piece of bait I give him. I don’t care in the least what he or his minions think about me. Totally made up voice in these posts. I’m THAT good of a writer. Didn’t really realize how good til this. But I’m done with it too. After reviewing this man’s past, I’m convinced he is mentally ill. He’s a joke. Truly a buffoon. Didn’t he say Michael Shermer had raped someone too or some silliness? He reminds me of a modern day Jim Jones only with Internet followers. One day he’ll have them all drink poisoned Kool-Aid, no doubt. The whole argument and posts on it, etc. is fiction. I mean I make shit up. I gave him what he wanted. And I knew he wouldn’t be able to stop. Harris would eat this guy alive in a debate. Dawkins too. I’d love to have seen Hitchens go at him. But I refuse to become the Tea Party branch of the Skeptic Party. PZ Myers is a sad story of a broken man who has lost all shred of respect. He is sick. And he is boring. Now if Harris wants to chat, I’d love to. But otherwise, I’m back to trying to get me that Nobel Prize. That is a creepy place. What the fuck happened here? How did a guy like Myers get created? I’ll bet in a sort period of time we’ll find out he’s been a child porn distributor or something. Sad man.

    • The post your referring to is the one I’m sending this reply from I believe.

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