Catholic Church Enables Yet Another Little Boy Rapist Priest To Continue His Trade

” ‘It is not correct to assume that every allegation of sexual abuse of a minor by a Catholic priest, is true,’ Archdiocese spokesperson Susan Burritt told the I-Team.” This quote is from this news story, Victims’ advocates upset at priest Fr. Michael O’Connell treatment after allegation, voluntarily stepped aside at St. Alphonsus in Lakeview | , reported by ABC News’ Chicago affiliate, WLS.  It is in reference to yet another rape allegation made against a Catholic priest by an adult male saying the priest molested him when he was a young boy. This is not just ANY priest either, mind you, but a big wig in the Chicago Archdiocese, Fr. Michael O’Connell, pastor of St. Alphonsus Parish in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood.

Fr. Michael O'Connell, Accused Of Raping A Little Boy

Fr. Michael O’Connell, Accused Of Raping A Little Boy

Here is another quote from the story: “A Northwest Side Chicagoan, Father O’Connell was featured in an article a year ago in the archdiocesan newspaper. In it he discusses having been in the first seminary class ordained by Cardinal Bernardin: ‘He referred to us as being ‘rookies’ with him,’ O’Connell was quoted. ‘There was a special bonding.’ ”  I’ll bet there was, a bonding in the brotherhood of little boy rapist priests, and those who enable them, no doubt. The response of the Archdiocese of Chicago to this allegation is utterly disgusting and shameful. At this point, the Church MUST assume that EVERY fucking claim by an adult rapist priest survivor IS true until proven otherwise, if for no other reason than to PRETEND they are taking the problem seriously. Clearly, they are not. Their track record as a breeding ground for little boy rapists and those who hide them is truly unparalleled in the annuals of modern human history. Worse yet is that Fr. O’Connell has been allowed to voluntarily remove himself from his duties as pastor of St. Alphonsus to go where ever he wishes to without having to inform anyone, except his Archdiocesan enablers, of course, where he is. In other words, he’s free to hunt little boys freely, in which ever community he decides to hide his rapist ass, until he’s legally obligated to do otherwise.  This is the result of the undeserved deference religion still receives throughout the civilized world, here in America most of all. We Americans are a brain-washed society. We feel having”faith” in invisible deities and giving deference to the proclaimers of their moral codes to be more sacred than even the well-being of our own children. (Please be sure to check out the reader responses to the article I’ve provided to see exactly how right I am about this). Every time a rapist priest is allowed to hide himself amongst the unwary, to rape again, we are all to blame. WE have created this culture of religious deference, and WE allow it to continue. It is time to change it. We can start by calling what Fr. O’Donnell is accused of exactly what it is: the rape of little boys. That’s what it is when a grown man seduces and sexually uses a child for his own sick sexual gratification: Rape. And those who do it are little boy rapists, little boy priest rapists. Period. I’m fucking finished with giving religious people a deference they most certainly have done NOTHING to earn.  Act like parents and protect your god damn kids before you stick up for your fucking priests, and then maybe I’ll respect you.

Database of Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse

11 thoughts on “Catholic Church Enables Yet Another Little Boy Rapist Priest To Continue His Trade

  1. Thank you for standing up for every confused and frightened and heart sick little boy…..thanks . Hugs


  2. ” At this point, the Church MUST assume that EVERY fucking claim by an adult rapist priest survivor IS true until proven otherwise, if for no other reason than to PRETEND they are taking the problem seriously.”

    If the pope would come out and say this publicly, I would kiss his ass to his heart’s content (Francis, if you’re listening, I dare you!)


    • He may very well want to. This guy seems to be OK. He “gets” how fucked up his religion is but realizes he can’t outright say so and hope to remain Pope. Therein lies the rub. He should do it anyway. It’s the truth, and I’ve a feeling this guy damn well knows it. But to stay Pope is to stay true to the very dogmas that define Catholic as “Catholic.” You know, the ones that allow for the rape of little boys to continue over, and over, and over again.


    • Oh, he knows it…the same way Obama was in favor of gay marriage long before he got elected president, but that he couldn’t say it out loud until he got elected the second time…
      I would say give the dude some time…but that’s the thing with old people; they don’t have much time, so the dude better hurry…


    • I’m actually VERY surprised he was elected Pope, and even more surprised no one’s tried to put a bullet in him. Clearly, he does not agree with the behavior of his predecessors.


  3. Oops, can I have one of those “is” back?


  4. Wow. This is a far too common occurence for it to be random. I think the Catlicks are bloody infested with kiddie rapers, and there are enough of them that they consider it a privilege, a perk of their status. That they have been covering these acts up for decades, if not centuries, tells me all I need to know about Catholic priests, and their enablers…the parents who would offer their children up for sacfrifice.

    What capacity religion has for blinding people to reality, is is fucking mind boggling. That the sheep are too dense to see that they are prey to the wolves, is the psychological blind spot that makes for Stephen King novels.


    • It isn’t random, and you’re right, it has been going on for centuries. When will people protect their children the way they protect and defend these rapists? The abundance of this bullshit is proof enough that the system of Catholicism is sick. That people still defend it sickens and angers me. My motto is that the worse forms of child abuse go on right in front of us on a daily basis and we do nothing but blame the victims for being victimized. Fuck this innocent til proven guilty shit when it comes to priests and little boy rape. The Catholic Church lost that option decades ago.


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