My Craving For Christian Flesh Has Now Expanded To Adults As Well As Infants

Immoral, Pennsylvania.  Well folks, you had to know this was coming.  After admitting recently I have savored the succulent flesh of Christian infants long before even becoming an atheist, I must now confess my appetite has expanded to the delicious delicacy that is adult Christian flesh.  Albeit capturing adult Christians and frying them slowly alive is not as easy a task as it is with their infants, I find the satisfaction I get from eating them to be well worth the effort.

A Tasty Hand Sandwich

A Tasty Hand Sandwich

Being a godless, morally deprived, bag of sick uncontrollable urges fits very well with my devil-may-care attitude about life.  I just take things as they come and don’t bother with the consequences my actions have on others because, well, I see no evidence of a divine all-loving guy telling me to “Be Good! Or ELSE!”  In a way, I guess Christian Conservatives are wise to fear atheists like me who know no limits to human depravity because we don’t believe in a god or gods any more than we do in Tinkerbell.  It makes the probability very high they will soon be on my dinner plate, having first been slowly fried alive in cooking oil. Yum yum!


4 thoughts on “My Craving For Christian Flesh Has Now Expanded To Adults As Well As Infants

  1. The sad thing about this: $arah Palin would actually believe this was a real entry.


    • I’m certain she would. Irony is far beyond the mental capacity of Conservatives like her to grasp. They are the most humorless and dry bunch of tight-asses imaginable. I’ve tried to write posts from their point of view. You know, mocking liberal evil atheists like myself, but I can’t. It just ain’t funny. At all. I’m a whore for a laugh, so believe me, if I thought it’d get a laugh, I’d write it. It’s like the second Denise Miller, the comedian, decided to become a conservative and tell conservative jokes mocking liberals, he ceased to be funny. Dry. Arrogant. Stinking of opulent wealth. Not funny. Oh, I bet Palin would taste heavenly fried in garlic oil and served with a few sweet potatoes. Yummy.


    • Dried leather will always taste like dried leather.


    • You are correct. I humbly stand corrected.


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