What Exactly Is Evidence?

Here’s a link to “About Atheism” that explains this quite well.


Theists and Christian apologists who state that “proof” god exists is illustrated by their philosophical arguments which conclude he does, are not in the least bit convincing. Until I see evidence that a god or gods exist, I see absolutely no reason to believe in them. None what so ever.

6 thoughts on “What Exactly Is Evidence?

  1. This is a very serious post coming from you! Have you been fighting with theists


    • Naw. I hear they don’t fight fair. They can’t admit they MIGHT, they just MIGHT, be wrong.


    • Fighting fair, never and admitting that they could be wrong not by a long shot!


    • I don’t believe in gods anymore than I do Peter Pan, but I MIGHT be wrong, and if tomorrow Mr. Pan or Jesus pops up and performs miracles, I’ll become a follower. But I sure as hell ain’t doing that based on the words of a 4000 year old book and theists who believe it. They just aren’t credible.


    • As long as a god or their representatives are thinking of doing miracles, whatever they are, I would question why a god who is said to have seen his creation as good would want to act contrary to the laws they set up.


    • They wouldn’t. And none of it makes sense. There’s no “mystery” as to why an all-loving god allows evil. If an all-loving god created the universe from nothing then he created evil too and isn’t all-loving. Or, it’s all a bunch of shit and the universe just IS. There is no why. We create the reasons to satisfy ourselves as humans, but in the enormity that is the universe we are nothing. And I think it is that fact which we humans find hard to stomach, so we create god to make us important.


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