Guest Critic, Yoda, Gives His Thoughts On Thor: The Dark World

Jedi Master And Film Critic, Yoda

Jedi Master And Film Critic, Yoda

Yoda stopped by the office today after seeing the new “Thor” movie and had these things to say about it.

1. Powerful hero is Thor. Powerful hero.

2. A large Hammer, Thor has. A great weapon it is too, when thrown by him.

3. Evil brother, Loki, Thor has. The Dark Side I see in him.

4. Clouded my judgement on the movie becomes now. Talking the people behind me were. Rude that is. Selfish. Not the way of the Jedi.  Talking during movies leads to anger.  Anger leads to pain.  Pain leads to suffering.  A path to the Dark Side this is.

5. Avoid these things at all costs, a Jedi must. Leave the movie early I did. Go back I will on a weekday morning when fewer people there will be. Review the movie then, I will.

6. Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things. But you do. So glad I am movies like this are made. Distractions from the Dark Side, they are. Talk again soon we will.  May the Force Be With You. Always.

8 thoughts on “Guest Critic, Yoda, Gives His Thoughts On Thor: The Dark World

  1. Lol! I’m still laughing my ass off! More movie reviews please, Master Yoda. But please go earlier when less people will disturb you 🙂


  2. Glad he still stays current. Hope he got a senior discount.


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