Bigfoot Researchers Claim Chewbacca Mask & Furry Rug Are Proof Bigfoot Is Real

Chewbacca Mask, Bigfoot, Or Total Bullshit?

Chewbacca Mask, Bigfoot, Or Total Bullshit?

Recently a group called, “The Sasquatch Genome Project,” released a blurry HD video showing someone in a Chewbacca mask walking in the woods, and what looks like a large furry rug spread under a bush. The group says these images are of a male and a female Bigfoot, and that they, along with some fuzzy shit they claim contains Bigfoot DNA, are proof Bigfoot is real.  Here’s the video:   It’s “evidence” like this that shows cryptozoology for the insult to reason and intelligence it is.   I find it utterly amazing, that with today’s technology, where one can take a high-resolution, detailed picture of a flea from 50 yards away, that absolutely no one has EVER captured a single clear image of a Bigfoot that even remotely looks real.   And I must assume that “The Sasquatch Genome Project” researchers were so confident no one would doubt the furry rug seen in their film was a sleeping female Bigfoot, they decided waking it and filming it while it awoke and stood would be, what, over-kill?

Every fucking time a story like this pops up in “legitimate” news reports , I eagerly hope it IS real.  If a giant hairy, bi-pedal ape-like species or a group of feral Conservative Christian tree dwellers ever were to be discovered,  I’d be thrilled as shit to learn about it.  But silly nonsense like this is insulting to my intelligence.  9 foot tall, fur covered, man-apes are not hiding in the North American woods, or any other woods for that matter.  Cryptozoologists need to cut this shit out.  It is VERY ANNOYING!

2 thoughts on “Bigfoot Researchers Claim Chewbacca Mask & Furry Rug Are Proof Bigfoot Is Real

  1. People just like to create diversions like this to put themselves in the spotlight. Happens with all of the conspiracies.


    • Except the real ones: like the fact that Obama is really an evil reptilian alien who can shape shift and wants to control us all. That is kept under wraps by the government because it’s true.


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